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All Aboard! Island Discovery Tours just made the journey between St. Andrews and Campobello Island a lot shorter. The Island Discovery Tours has set up a passenger ferry, a fast & speedy way to reach Campobello Island. A variety of options on how you want to explore the island are available, whether you decide to be on the early departure to St.Andrews, depart in the afternoon or stay overnight. Early reservations are recommended for Island Discovery Tours to maximize your enjoyment and experience with us.


Campobello Islanders & Off-Island Visitors, hop aboard the Island Discovery at the Campobello Roosevelt International Park dock for a delightful jaunt across Passamaquoddy Bay to historic St. Andrews. Roundtrip: $30.00 For departure info see schedule below.


Golf on the Island! If you are into golfing, try Campobello Island's beautiful Herring Cove Golf Course. For very little money, you can enjoy golfing above Herring Cove beach. Lunch awaits you at the Club House, where you will find a delicious lunch menu at Campobello Island's most scenic restaurant.


Roosevelt Campobello International Park -- Surrounding the Roosevelt Cottage, you will find wooded paths & fields that offer vistas of nearby islands, bays and shores.  Roosevelt Campobello International Park boasts a 1,134-hectare (2,800-acre) Natural Area, where you can explore walking trails, beaches, bogs, forest, and spectacular ocean headlands - or enjoy a picnic with an ocean or lighthouse view.



You are staying in Eastport, Maine and plan a ride to Lubec, Maine?


Campobello Sightseeing Tours are also available from Lubec,ME


Schedule information see below. 


Transportation within & outside the Roosevelt Campobello International Park will be available.

TOURS  St.Andrews - Campobello Island



Boat Ride 


FDR_Cottage only



Boat Ride, Northern Campobello Island + Lunch



Boat Ride, Grand Island Tour (no lunch included but lunch packages can be ordered separately



Boat Ride, Play Golf on Campobello Provincial Golf Course + Lunc


RESERVATIONS: 1-877-346-2225 Discounts: Families w. children + Veterans w. ID + groups  10 or more: 10 % off!  Ask us about special tour arrangements for your group.      

Departures for tours A-D  are 9:30a and 12:30p from St.Andrews.            

Meet us at the St.Andrews  town wharf.                                                                      

Departures for visitors staying on Campobello see schedule below.                        



Ferry Schedule June 15 - June 30 + October 01-October 15


Departure Campobello 8.00am


Arrival St.Andrews 9.15 am


Departure St.Andrews 9.30am


Arrival Campobello 10:45 am


Departure Campobello 2:00 pm


Arrival St.Andrews 3:15pm


Departure St. Andrews 3:30 pm



Ferry Schedule July 01 - September 30


Departure Campobello 8:00am


Arrival St. Andrews 9:15 am


Departure St. Andrews 9:30 am


Arrival Campobello 10:45 am


Departure Campobello 11:00 am


Arrival St.Andrews 12:15 pm


Departure St. Andrews 12:30 pm


Arrival Campobello 1:45 pm


Departure Campobello 2:00 pm


Arrival St. Andrews 3:15pm


Departure St. Andrews 3:30 pm


Arrival Campobello 4:45 pm


Departure Campobello 5:00 pm

Arrival St.Andrews 6:15 pm


Eastport/Lubec - Campobello Island

Jump on the ferry from Eastport to Lubec! We get you through the border to Campobello. Visitors from Lubec have a choice between two different tours; Visit the FDR-Cottage and return to Lubec:  Roundtrip ticket: $10.00 only. If you'd like to see more of Campobello you may join us on a full island sightseeing tour including lunch. $55.00.  Pickup at Lubec ferry landing 10:30am EASTERN TIME. Return at; approx.: 11:45AM and 2:30pm



Remember to bring your passport. 

Ferry schedule Eastport - Lubec  AT www.islanddiscoverytours.com


TOURS from Roosevelt Park Visitor Centre

Visitors who are arriving with their own vehicle at the Roosevelt park Visitor Centre can join our tour at designated bus parking at either 10:45a or 11:30a. (Atlantic Time) RESERVATIONS are recommended! Tickets can also be purchased at departure point. Payments at departure in cash or cheques only.


All RESERVATIONS: 1-877-346-2225 or email: island.discovery@outlook.com



Contact: Campobello Tourism Association

Email: visitcampobello@gmail.com




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